Blake Dawson was born and raised in the rugged heart of Northern California. Nurtured by its natural splendours and inspired by the utopian dreams woven into the social fabric of America in the sixties and seventies, Blake ventured abroad, working and travelling, extending the frontiers of a personal vision that finds expression in both his photographs and poems (

A graduate of Occidental College, where he majored in Environmental Studies, Blake was later trained in the technical aspects of photography at the prestigious Globelin Institut de l’Image in Paris.
Fascinated since early childhood by the play of light and perspective, emergent lines of structure, and the “story” told in photographic form, Blake continually explores unique ways of seeing and framing through the camera lens. Ever on the hunt for the sublime within the commonplace, he senses and captures revealing moments of interpersonal dynamic, or, with fine-tuned perception, exposes the hidden geometry of life and its essential truths.

His photography has captured public and institutional interest on three continents. His works have been exposed in galleries, museums and private venues in France, the United States, Chile, and Spain.
His photo documentaries have drawn attention and support for international education in America and abroad, traditional craftsmanship in Morocco and Spain, and performing artists and their associations on both sides of the Atlantic.
Blake Dawson now lives and works in Aix-en-Provence, France.

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