Ojo del Infinito Azul
Valparaiso, Chile
August 2006

Written primarily in Spain between 1989 and 1990, this dialogue of photographs and Mystic Love poems was inspired by the rubâ`iyats composed by the early Sufi poets.

Guided by a longing for “truth,” both personal and absolute, I have often reflected upon the light and shadow of a world troubled by conflict and contradiction. And, in the process, have abandoned myself to ephemeral moments of crystal clarity, luminous indicators of a world infused with the Divine as revealed through the earthly senses. These poems of aspiration, be it for Unity, the reconciliation of Opposites, or Transcendence, take the form of an intimate dialogue with “You,” the divine Other, the Beloved whose presence is ever felt but never fully grasped.

These poems and photos are an homage to the quest for, and the spirit of, Creation.

a05_b02_footprints_off EMPREINTES D’UN CHASSEUR
“Footprints of a Hunter”

New Legend Editions
Paris, France

Hunter of the revealing image that lurks within a moment’s passing and the wondrous turn-of-phrase that unravels from idea, years I have stalked the fields of creation with the process being an end in itself. In the end, I have been caught in the trap of my own art(ifice); its myriad paths and mysteries transforming this seeker into their prey.

From reflections to echoes, from similarities to surprises, little by little these photographs and texts exposed themselves to me as a playful knot of complicities and coincidences; this collection allows us to unravel these threads.

The logic, which organizes the relationships between these poems and pictures, is not one of illustration but rather one of encounter. Here, whether it be the product of a sharp eye or a sudden stroke of inspiration, the trained and well crafted snapshot is master. I invite you to join in my hunt, to stalk these urban landscapes and nature scenes, fields of idea and image crisscrossed with a maze of game trails which I hope your readings and contemplations will lead you on… tracks of amazement.

a05_b03_character_sketch_off CHARACTER SKETCHES
Chicago – Paris

Existence is an open book, each page is blank, waiting for our lives to lay down the words.

Like the artist who, picking up a charcoal, rapidly scratches a few lines which in their minimalism capture the essence of a landscape about to unfold, I, with but a few carefully turned phrases, inspired by photos of people I have taken from around the world, have entered into the imagination of their lives and minds to draw the précis of their characters – my fantasy of their realities.

These visual and poetic dialogues are of people who never were, yet were inspired by the images of those who are. I hold them up as mirrors for us to look at ourselves. Through these Sketches you may meet some people you already know or become acquainted with some you may not.

Each person is a poem in the process of writing him or herself. Each of these images offers the framework of a story, an invitation to fill in the details of a life… echoed from the intimacy of a total stranger.

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